You Have Reached The End Of The Internet

You have reached the last page on the internet. If you think you have reached this page in error: You have not. It is simply because you have been online too long and had nothing better to do. Also see the About...

Please try the following:

  • Click the refresh.gif (82 bytes) Get a job button, or try again later.
  • If you are lonely and have nothing better to do then go out and get yourself a girl, stop eating chips and no: "Civilization" is not an online reality show.
  • Please click on "start", click the Turn Off Computer button, wait for your computer to shut down and then go Read a book.
  • If your Network Administrator has enabled it, Microsoft Windows can examine your network and automatically discover network connection settings. Since this really IS the End of the Internet. The link to Detect SettingsDetect Network Settings isn't going to do anything either.
  • You could Click the Help menu and then click the About... button. Note that this will not help as well...
  • If you like, you can Click the Back Button - but that will take you to the the page before the end of the internet, and not show you anything you haven't seen yet!
  • There is nothing left for you here. Shutdown your computer and go and do something usefull.

  • Error 666: No next page on the www.
    This is truly the end.